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The Fastest, Most Precise Mobile Cannabis Testing & Analysis Lab. We Come To You.


Direct To Grower Testing & Analysis

Herban Labs® prides itself in the ability to transport all testing and analysis equipment direct to the grower's site, saving precious time and ultimately providing a quality product to consumers in a fraction of the time when compared with fixed lab facilities.


Immediate Results.

At Herban Labs®, we guarantee all of our work, ensuring precise, and efficient testing methods. All successful testing certifications are delivered electronically to the grower immediately. Our mission is to assist growers in providing the highest quality product to consumers.

Meet the Team


Aileen Helsel, PhD

Chief Scientific Director

Aileen has vast experience as a Chemist, Microbiologist, & Radiochemistry Lab Tech with a focus on Molecular Bioscience at WSU. She has been an invited presenter at both national and international conferences and received several awards while at WSU, including the prestigious Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) fellowship.


Troy Speziale

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Oregon Grow Op

Troy comes from a career serving his community as a Firefighter/Paramedic and as Flight Paramedic. Seeing a society dependent on Big Pharma has driven Troy to help people with the healing benefits of Cannabis and make a difference. Troy's leadership and passion for the industry has placed him in a prime position to spearhead our large indoor grow operation in Oregon State.


Zach Greenfield

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Herban Labs®

Zach comes from a career as a Firefighter/Paramedic and as a Flight Paramedic. In 2013 he launched an Amazon based e-commerce company that now holds a current market value of nearly $4MM. His focus and passion lies in growing and developing a successful cannabis testing and analysis laboratory with associated branding and marketing.


Stephanie Speziale

Chief Executive Officer, Herban Labs®, Oregon Grow Op

As an Alaskan Native, our CEO and Co-Founder holds Herban Labs accountable to more than its investors and clients. Stephanie operates Herban Labs to the highest industry standards, her passion is to ensure clean grows and efficiency of operation in all aspects of laboratory and growing arenas.

Latest News


Herban Labs® CEO Stephanie Speziale inspecting a grow op in Oregon

Our CEO is a Native Alaskan, who holds Herban Labs® accountable to her traditions. Way to go Steph!

Top Tier Cannabis

Herban Labs® has a unique passion for ensuring the highest quality cannabis, like this beauty!


Aileen Helsel on board with Herban Labs® as new scientific director

Amongst a resume as a Chemist, Microbiologist, & Radiochemistry Tech, her real passion is found in discoveries surrounding natural & holistic healing. Welcome on board Aileen!


Herban Labs® Innovation

Herban Labs® announces a new innovative patent pending cannabis butter strainer, capable of straining up to 10lbs of butter in a single batch, an unprecedented marketplace achievement for commercially produced edibles!